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Types of Health Insurance

Traditional Health Insurance

Up until about 30 years ago, most people had traditional indemnity coverage. These days, it's often known as "fee-for-service." Indemnity plans are a bit like auto insurance: you pay a certain amount of your medical expenses up front in the form of a deductible and afterward the insurance company pays the majority of the bill.

Advances in modern medicine increased the cost of providing health care and made it possible for people to live longer. Those advances caused many insurance companies to look for ways to reduce their costs of doing business, giving managed care the boost it enjoys today.


What is Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance -- What is it and do I need it?

With today's unsettled economy, lean employment opportunities and questionable investment atmosphere, consumers are looking to maximize every dollar spent. More than ever, Americans are examining their spending habits to trim the fat or, in some cases, stop the bleeding. Yet there are certain financial products that are an everyday necessity, and health insurance is a very important piece of that spending and investment puzzle.

The choice of health plans available on the market today are often confusing and frustrating to many consumers. New policyholders often do not understand coverage details and costs involved in a policy they recently purchased. There are instances when a consumer has purchased a health insurance plan that is not a proper fit for their needs. In order to ensure a customer has purchased the best plan possible, an insurance professional and client must identify their health insurance needs. It is from this profiling process that a Short Term Health Insurance policy may be identified as the best possible solution.


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Help For Americans With No Health Insurance

It's no longer a secret that millions of Americans have no health insurance coverage. Current figures suggest there are approximately 47 million uninsured people in this country. The Foundation for Health Coverage Education (FHCE) has completed studies that indicate up to 33 percent of the nation's uninsured are currently eligible for government-sponsored health insurance programs, but are not taking advantage of such programs.

The company has provided a telephone help line for uninsured Americans to call in and receive advice about their health care options. The number is 800-234-1317. Counselors will provide information and direct callers to the appropriate government-sponsored health insurance programs.