The QuickQuote term life insurance Quote Display page is divided into three sections.

Section 1: Quote Summary and Modification Tools

Quote Modification Example You have the ability to modify the quote at any time.

Update Quote: This area allows you to change the Payment Mode, Coverage Amount and Length of Coverage. You can then display your new quotes without having to go back to the term life insurance Quote Questionnaire page.

Quote Details: This area provides detailed information about your quote including the, quote date, coverage amount, term length and other information you provided on the term life insurance Quote Questionnaire page.

  • Quote Number: This area also lists the quote number assigned to this quote. If you have questions regarding your term life insurance quote, you may call with your quote number and we can load it into our system and view it with you. The process of getting a quote is anonymous, so nothing short of what is required to retrieve a quote is known about the quote.

Additional Tools: This tab contains several tools you may find helpful such as Email Quote, Print Quote, Life Insurance FAQ and several life insurance calculators.

Section 2: Term Life Insurance Quote Display

The second section of the Quote Display page is the quote table. This is the heart of the page and where you will find the list of life insurance companies, quoted premiums, company ratings and more.

A Displayed Quote Example An example of a quotes offered.

Company: The Company column displays the insurance company logo and the product name you have received a quote for.

Premium: The Premium column displays the quoted premium rates for the length of coverage you have chosen. All term life insurance quotes displayed are ordered by premium from least expensive to most expensive.

Options: Clicking the quoted premium amount will display premium options for all four payment modes available; annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly. It is a quick way to compare the different payment mode costs without retrieving a new quote.

Rating Class: The Rating Class column shows the rating class associated with the company's quote. Since all companies have different criteria for rating customers, the values in this column may vary by company. The quoted rating class is determined by the information you provided on the term life insurance Quote Questionnaire.

Company Ratings: QuickQuote displays company ratings from two of the industry's most recognized rating agencies, AM Best and Standard & Poor's. These rating represent a company's financial strength, performance and other factors. Clicking the company rating will give further detail into the specific rating for the life insurance company chosen.

E-Signature: The E-Signature column indicates those companies that participate in our electronic signature process for term life insurance applications. Choosing a company with the E-Signature process means you are able to complete the application forms online or by telephone and sign electronically. There is no printing, signing, mailing, faxing, etc. required with E-Signature.

Actions: The last column on the term life insurance Quote Display page allows you to begin the application process or view more company details.

  • Details: This page provides specific details about the life insurance company and products offered. You will also find a company brochure on this page.
  • Apply: This gets the application process started. You are able to choose your preferred method of applying (e.g. online, telephone) based on the options available from the life insurance company you select. Learn more about the application process.

Section 3: Quote Disclaimers

The third and final section of the term life insurance Quote Display page lists all required legal information, general disclaimers and company specific disclaimers.

Company and Legal Information Example An example of Insurance Company and Legal Information.

This is where QuickQuote displays all required company disclaimers as well as the general QuickQuote quote disclaimer. All quotes are preliminary and are subject to change during underwriting.

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