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May 10, 2004

QuickQuote.com Releases Improved Travel Health Insurance System

April 13, 2004

QuickQuote.com Releases Improved Short Term Health Insurance System

March 18, 2004

QuickQuote.com Introduces Instant Issue Term Life Insurance

February 15, 2004

QuickQuote.com Releases Redesigned Individual Health Insurance System

November 14, 2003

QuickQuote.com Optimizes and Standardizes Web Site

November 14, 2003

QuickQuote.com Upgrades Web Site Hardware

October 15, 2003

QuickQuote.com Introduces Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

September 15, 2003

QuickQuote.com Releases Redesigned Term Life Insurance System

September 15, 2003

QuickQuote.com Releases Enhanced Customer Service Center

June 01, 2003

QuickQuote.com Changes Ownership

May 13, 2002

QuickQuote.com Launches Web Site Renovation

January 29, 2002

QuickQuote.com Partners with EarthLink, LeadExtreme and Insurance Shopping Network

October 23, 2001

QuickQuote.com Adds Dental/Vision Insurance Plans

June 26, 2001

QuickQuote.com Providing Insurance Services to BanxQuote.com

June 05, 2001

InsWeb and QuickQuote Partner to Bring New Health Insurance Program

April 18, 2001

QuickQuote.com Partners with Stockhouse.com

January 30, 2001

QuickQuote.com Providing Insurance to WorldNews.com

January 2001

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