The 2014 World Cup — of Life Expectancy

The 2014 World Cup — of Life Expectancy

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup enters the knockout round of 16, fans of the surviving teams wait anxiously to see who will win. And we have the answer the entire world seeks.

Well, sort of.

If this was the World Cup of Life Expectancy and not futbol/soccer/football/whatever you want to call it, then we could end this thing. Right here. Right now.

Of all the countries entered into this year’s World Cup, Japan has the longest life expectancy at 84.6 years. The shortest goes to Ivory Coast at 56.5 years.

How about the US? Well, we come in at 79.8 years. That’s toward the upper end of World Cup teams and good enough for 35th in the world overall.

And Now …

Here’s your champion.

2014 World Cup of Life Expectancy

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