Baseball Opening Day: Beer, Peanuts and Term Life Insurance

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It’s here. It’s finally here! No, not the iPad 2 or the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. We’re talking about MLB Opening Day!

Many of you may also be getting ready to enjoy another season of coaching and watching your children play youth baseball or softball. Either way, MLB or Little League, Opening Day means starting fresh with high hopes, and an ‘anything can happen’ attitude.

A Baseball Team for Each Life Insurance Company

In the spirit of baseball’s first day, and since we are stuck in the office and not at the ballpark, we decided to have a little baseball fun of our own. We’ve tracked each term life insurance company in the QuickQuote marketplace and identified its affiliated MLB team based on the location of the company’s home office. See, we told you it would be fun!

And so, we present to you, useless trivia of the day that you can use at your next party or backyard barbecue.

Life Insurance Company

Closest Major League Baseball Team

 American General Life Insurance Co. Houston Astros
 Banner Life Insurance Company Washington Nationals
 Fidelity Life Association Chicago White Sox / Cubs
 Genworth Life Insurance Company Washington Nationals
 ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company Minnesota Twins
 John Hancock Life Insurance Company Boston Red Sox
 MetLife Investors USA Insurance Co. Los Angeles Dodgers
 Pruco Life Insurance Company (Prudential) New York Mets
 Savings Bank Life Insurance Co. of MA (SBLI) Boston Red Sox
 Transamerica Life Insurance Company Los Angeles Dodgers
 United of Omaha Life Insurance Company Kansas City Royals
 West Coast Life Insurance Company San Francisco Giants

 2010 World Champions!

If you consider yourself a loyal fan of a certain team, why not take a look at some term life insurance quotes from the company nearest your team’s city?

We’d like to hear what you are doing for Opening Day. Please leave us a comment. And remember, ‘hope springs eternal!’

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