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We love term life insurance. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise — after all, it’s what we do! The more we help people protect their loved ones with term life insurance, the more we realize what a high value term life represents. It’s the most simple form of life insurance available. With no bells and whistles, such as cash values and policy loans, it also provides the most affordable coverage you can find.

And to our surprise, we’re not alone in our affinity for term life. Research shows more people are buying term life insurance than ever before. And what’s even better is they are buying it online. Meaning, they are taking charge of their life insurance needs by conducting research, obtaining quotes and ultimately securing coverage — all online.

So exactly who’s buying term life insurance? How are they buying it and why? Well, we have the answers. Thanks to research conducted by LIMRA and our customer surveys, we’ve created a new infographic chock-full of life insurance buying behaviors, patterns and more.

We hope you enjoy it. And please, let us know if you have questions or need help finding coverage for you and your family!


Term Life Insurance Buying Trends

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