Dangerous Jobs Mean Higher Term Life Insurance Costs

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Did you know your occupation could affect your term life insurance premium? Most jobs do not put your life at risk. Sure, you could get eyestrain from your computer or get a paper cut at the copy machine, but other jobs have risks that are a bit more serious. And these risks could equal higher term life insurance costs. Falling from great heights, being crushed under heavy equipment and crashing into a fiery explosion are just a few occupational hazards you may experience if you have the following careers.


It is quite dangerous to be a fisherman. Hauling and maneuvering nets or cages weighing several hundred pounds or more on slippery decks and in all sorts of weather conditions is one tough job. For these folks, drowning is a very real possibility.


Loggers work at great heights and on unstable, uneven terrain with chain saws and logging machines. That in itself is enough to increase your chance of an accident on the job. Now add that they have to try and avoid the momentum and massive weight of falling trees, often in inclement weather. On top of that add the fact that they work in remote locations where proper health care facilities are not readily available should an accident occur. Yes, one might say this is a dangerous job.


Many pilots have high-risk jobs, such as those involved in crop dusting, bush flying, air-taxi operators and some small commercial pilots. Thes pilots are most at risk due to the fact they fly in small planes and often work long hours. The main danger pilots face is crashing during landing or takeoff, inclement weather, mechanical problems or collisions with other aircraft or objects. The most dangerous part of all is if something goes wrong there’s little option other than to come down.


Farming is a dangerous job as they face an array of hazards including being crushed or entangled by heavy machinery such as combines and balers, kicked or trampled by livestock, trapped inside silos or grain elevators and exposed to toxic levels of pesticides and other chemicals. All this while working extremely long hours during planting and harvest seasons. It is a lot of work combined with a lot of risk.

Refuse Collector

The job of a garbage collector is a surprisingly dangerous one. There are plenty of risks associated with operating heavy lifting and compacting equipment, of course, but the way they ride from house to house clinging to the sides and back of their garbage trucks is what makes it most dangerous. They often perch precariously on narrow ledges and running boards which can put them at risk for being caught under the wheels of the truck or hit by passing traffic. Many would refuse to do the risky work of a refuse collector.

Construction Worker

It is very dangerous to be a construction worker. They work in all sorts of environments including underground, at great heights and on busy highways and building sites.  And this is in addition to working with hazardous materials, explosives, heavy equipment and power tools. Hats off to those wearing the hard hats.

Life insurance companies evaluate the risks associated with such dangerous occupations. These risks become a significant factor used to determine the amount you will pay for your term life insurance policy. Depending on the risk, the company may do any of the following:

  • Assign your policy a lower rating class, such as a Standard rate versus a Preferred rate.
  • Add a flat-extra amount to the policy for a certain period. For example, you may pay an additional $500 per year for three years, or while employed in that position.
  • Exclude coverage for certain hazardous occupations, such as non-commercial pilots.
  • Decline coverage altogether.

So if you were considering switching your career path to one with a little more adventure, you might want to reconsider. Sticking to a less dangerous job could save you money on your term life insurance policy!

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