Foods that Boost Your Metabolism

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There are plenty of ways to wake your body up and get your metabolism moving. Some foods can give your metabolism a little boost, making it easier for you to burn fat, lose weight and save money on your term life insurance policy. Try adding the following foods to your everyday diet to speed up your metabolism.

Green Tea

Next to water, green tea is the best beverage you can drink for weight loss, a faster metabolism, and overall health. The drink is full of healthy antioxidants and gives you enough caffeine to wake you up. Brew some in the morning to get your day started or sip it iced to give you extra energy in the afternoon.


When your body consumes protein, you feel full for longer, and your metabolism gets revved up. Consuming protein has been shown to be a significant step towards raising your metabolism.  This does not mean starting a bacon and fried chicken diet, but rather adding more low-fat, nutrient-rich, lean meats and legumes to your diet. Whey protein, a  high-quality protein that comes in powder form, is another option. Mixing it up into a protein shake is a great way to get your body fired up to burn more calories.


Hot ingredients like chili, cayenne pepper and salsa can be added to almost any meal and can increase your metabolism by up to 20 percent. This is good news if you’re one of those folks who can’t seem to get enough spicy food. Spice up your meals, and you will boost your metabolism and burn more calories. The spicier, the better.


Low in calories and high in antioxidants, berries are a great diet food that keeps your metabolism going strong. They also have high fiber content, which means you feel fuller on fewer calories, and their natural sweetness makes them feel like a treat without blowing your diet. Pick some up next time you’re in the frozen food section.


Your morning coffee does more than just wake you up. The caffeine in your coffee also speeds up your metabolism. Some studies have suggested coffee has other health benefits beyond the metabolism boost such as promoting better heart health and improving your concentration. One or two cups ought to do the trick.


Almonds are full of healthy fats, fiber, and protein which all help you to feel more full on less. The essential fatty acids found in almonds help your body to raise its metabolism just by consuming them. As almonds contain a lot of fat, you don’t want to eat too many of them. A small handful of almonds is enough for a healthy snack that can help speed up that metabolic rate of yours.

There is a wide range of benefits to boosting your metabolism, many of which improve your overall health. And better health may just help you outlive your term life insurance policy. Try the above foods to give your metabolism a boost.

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