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The most rewarding part of our work in the life insurance industry is helping provide financial protection to our customers and their families. As insurance professionals, we sincerely hope none of our customers ever need the kind of protection we provide, but we know this is not reality.

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) recently announced the recipients of its annual reaLIFEstories Client Service Awards Program, which honors insurance professionals for their outstanding service. The stories below illustrate the high level of service provided by these insurance professionals.

“These stories prove how necessary insurance is and are a testament to the critical role that insurance advisors and employers play in helping people remain financially secure, even in life’s most trying times,” said Marvin Feldman, President, and CEO of the LIFE Foundation. “These stories remind people that none of us knows what the future will bring, and that’s why preparing for the unexpected through proper insurance planning is so vitally important.”

Michael Tokushige, Financial Representative, Principal Life Insurance Company, Honolulu, Hawaii. Jim Winand, a boat captain, and firefighter for the Honolulu Fire Department took out his first life insurance policy before marrying his future wife, Remle, and significantly increased his coverage after the couple had two children. In 2007, Jim died of cancer at 38. Jim’s foresight and Tokushige’s expert planning ensured that Remle and the kids did not suffer financially after Jim’s passing.

Lynne D. Crittenden, Insurance Agent, State Farm Life Insurance Company, CPCU, Altavista, Va. Unable to work as the result of a disabling accident, single mother Lauri Turnes had difficulty making ends meet. Lauri would sometimes turn to the accumulated dividends from her whole life insurance policy to pay the bills. When her budget became extremely tight, insurance agent Lynne Crittenden convinced Lauri not to cancel her policy, but instead take out a loan on it to ensure that her daughter’s financial future would remain protected. When a car accident took her life in 2006, that wise decision meant her daughter Jessi, who now lives with her grandparents, would have money to help pay for college or perhaps a down payment on a home when she is older.

Bob Arensberg, Insurance Agent, New York Life, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, Wichita, Kan. After a disabling accident, Frank Ames was unable to work and had difficulty qualifying for more than a small amount of life insurance. However, his wife, Laura, a school teacher, qualified for preferred rates and purchased a sizable policy. Weeks later, Laura was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her abdomen. With the help of insurance agent Bob Arensberg, she was able to invoke a provision of her policy that allowed for an early payout to a terminally ill policyholder and used part of the proceeds to buy land and build a home. Laura lived in the home for two years before passing away at age 42. Though still unable to work due to his disability, Frank can remain in the family home and provide for his two children thanks to smart insurance planning.
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