Life Insurance Awareness Month is in Full Swing

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Labor Day has come and gone, and the children are back in school (today was my 5-year old’s first day of Kindergarten — my wife is a bit upset). It’s time to toss the white shoes, sandals, and pants back into storage until next spring. Whatever will I wear to work now?!

Yes, fall is here and along with it Life Insurance Awareness Month. Sponsored every September since 2004 by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation (LIFE), Life Insurance Awareness Month is a collective initiative of the life insurance industry to educate consumers about the important role life insurance plays in a sound financial plan. Each year LIFE selects a celebrity spokesperson to help promote awareness. This years’ choice is comedian and actress Molly Shannon (think Saturday Night Live, The Grinch & Superstar). Molly was selected because of her personal life experiences, and her first-hand understanding of the importance of life insurance. When Molly was four years old, she was in a car accident that took the lives of her 33-year old mother, her younger sister, and a cousin.

Molly’s story can be viewed in the following short video:

Molly Shannon’s realLIFEstory

The following are some facts provided by LIMRA International:

  • 22% of American families state they would have immediate difficulty meeting everyday living expenses of the family’s primary wage earner were to die. Another 26% claim they could only do so for a few months.
  • 10% of families with children under the age of 18 have no life insurance protection. That’s approximately 3.6 million households.

Please take some time during Life Insurance Awareness Month to review your life insurance policy and view free quotes on our website.

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