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There are specific places around the world where locals enjoy a high quality of life and old age. These locations have been deemed ‘blue zones.’ Below are a few changes you can make to live more like those from the blue zones live. These small changes can help you outlive your term life insurance policy.


In the United States, family is everything. But the people in the blue zones truly use family as a key to longevity. Going beyond the traditional nuclear family, they keep grandparents, aunts, uncles and even cousins close. Many of them are even within walking distance and others still live in the home. With such a large support group nearby, it is no wonder that the people of the blue zones live longer, happier lives. If you aren’t quite this close with your family, you may want to consider rekindling that relationship.


Those who live in the blue zones typically live with purpose. If you don’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning, you are not living the blue zone lifestyle. Whether it is a job, hobby or sport find something gives you a sense of purpose. Having one or more purposes to devote each day to makes life worth living.


Americans are constantly on the move. They rush to work, to get things done, to fit everything in. But this is a rarity in the blue zones. In fact, working fewer hours, taking more breaks and finding time to rest all contribute to longevity in the regions. Those in the blue zones are known to vacation much more than the typical two weeks. If you are trying to add on the years, then add vacation time.

Social Network

Your social network is directly related to your longevity. No, this does not mean your Facebook or Twitter account. This means an actual social network. The people who live in the blue zones have very close-knit relationships, which keeps them going strong. You should develop a social network of your own. Whether you join a sports team, volunteer or even a start a book club, having friends can increase your longevity. It also gives you purpose and something to look forward to each day.

The Family Dinner

The family dinner can have longevity benefits. Everyone shares in preparing, eating and cleaning after a meal which can build better relationships and add to your social network and therefore purpose in life. Not only that but because the food is prepared at home, no extra additives or anything harmful makes it into the food, and you are improving your health significantly.

As it is not likely you will be moving to any of the blue zones anytime soon; it is important to pay attention to which factors are keeping them healthy. Adopting the lifestyle of a blue zone resident may increase your health and vitality as well as improve your way of life. And, as a bonus, this lifestyle may just help you outlive your term life insurance policy.

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