Obama's Plans and Your Health Insurance

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So, we hear there was some election that occurred this week?

Unless you live on another planet (and can access the Earth’s Internet and read English), you know Barack Obama is now the President-Elect of the United States. We did some research to see how his stance on health care might affect your health insurance.

Obama has clearly indicated his primary health care related goal is to see to it that every child in America has health insurance. His plan includes providing tax credits to low-income families with no access to health insurance through their employers. These families would, in turn, be required to purchase health insurance for their children through a newly established insurance exchange.

Obama would also propose tax credits for small businesses that provide health insurance. Existing children’s health insurance programs and Medicaid would also be expanded.

Of course, health care reform has always been a significant challenge for any administration. It will be interesting to see if the chosen one is capable of overcoming the many obstacles that stand in the way.

Credits: barackobama.com, cnn.com 

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