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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released the results of a government survey showing the states with the highest levels of obesity in the country. The South dominated the top ten, due mostly in part to diet habits that tend to include fatty and fried foods. Obesity is determined by an individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI).

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Mississippi had the highest obesity rate once again this year, with 32 percent of residents falling into the obese category. Colorado had the lowest rate in the nation at 19 percent.

  1. Mississippi – 32%
  2. Alabama – 30.0%
  3. Tennessee – 30.1%
  4. Louisiana – 29.8%
  5. West Virginia – 29.5%
  6. Arkansas – 28.7%
  7. South Carolina – 28.4%
  8. Georgia – 28.2%
  9. Oklahoma – 28.1%
  10. Texas – 28.1%

Your build is a critical factor in the underwriting of a term life insurance application. Every life insurance company considers your height and weight when determining which rating class to place you in. Most companies will offer coverage to individuals with larger BMI’s; however, the premiums will be higher due to the increased risk is taken on by the company.

Be sure to ask your agent how your build will affect your application. You can also input your build when obtaining quotes from our term life insurance quoting system. Be honest for the best results!

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