Outlive Your Term Life Insurance Policy: Chew Gum!

UPDATED: Mar 26, 2020

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New research suggests that chewing gum offers surprising health benefits. Chewing gum may just improve your overall health and therefore may help you outlive your term life insurance. Below are several ways that gum may improve your health.

Oral Health

There is no better way to prevent tooth decay than by brushing your teeth regularly. But you can’t always brush after every meal; chewing gum is the next best thing. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends chewing a piece of sugar-free gum for 20 minutes after a meal if you aren’t able to brush your teeth. Chewing gum can stimulate the production of saliva and the physical act of chewing and swishing that saliva around your mouth can wash away any bacteria that may be on your teeth.


Chewing gum can help you fight stress and anxiety. Research has shown that students who chew gum during exams tend to be more alert and focused. This is because gum helps you cope with the stress that is often associated with tests. Stress is not the only negative emotion that chewing gum can help you through. Whenever you feel irritated or frustrated, you might find that chewing gum can help you relax.


Chewing gum can also prove to be beneficial for appetite suppression. The next time you crave a snack or a second helping of dessert, pop a stick of gum into your mouth instead. The act of chewing and the flavor of the gum will help you fight your cravings for snacks that are high in calories and fats. If you’re looking to lose weight, opt for sugar-free gum, which contains significantly fewer calories than sugary gum products.


Chewing gum can also improve your digestion. When you pop in a piece of gum you swallow more frequently due to excessive saliva production. This helps keep digestive acids down in your stomach.


If you’re having issues with memory, don’t forget to chew gum. Chewing gum boosts brain activity in several ways. Research shows that gum chewing individuals receive higher test scores. When you chew gum, your hippocampus becomes stimulated. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which plays a significant role in memory. Chewing gum also encourages more blood flow to the brain which helps with cognitive function.

So chew gum, and you may just increase your health in the above areas. Not only that, but you will improve your overall health, save a little money on term life insurance and outlive your policy as well.

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