Outlive Your Term Life Insurance Policy: Get Married

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When you said I do you probably didn’t realize the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with would be lengthening said life. It turns out marriage adds years to your life. Below are some of the ways in which being married can make you live a longer, healthier life.


For the most part, marriage helps you handle life stress better. A spouse tends to shoulder different responsibilities when a partner needs help, which relieves some stress. They are also a great emotional support system when you need a listening ear. Marriage provides you with someone else who knows when things are getting stressful for you and who helps you deal with them. Research shows that a good partnership can reduce the effect of cortisol responses to psychological stress. If you’re better able to manage stress, you will have lower blood pressure and a healthier heart.


Being part of a couple reduces your risk of cognitive impairment, such as poor memory and mental functioning.  Those who are married show better cognitive function later in life as compared to those who are single, separated or widowed. Being in a relationship might come with cognitive and social issues that both challenge you and protect against cognitive impairment as you age.


Loneliness is strongly associated with depression. Being with somebody reduces the isolation that causes depression and boosts your psychological wellbeing. Part of the reason marriage may help ease depression is because of the social support a good partnership can provide. You have someone who can listen to you and be supportive, so you’ll see lower depression rates and less severe symptoms than those without marital support.


When you are married you begin to settle into a routine that can be beneficial for your health. Married couples tend to have a more regular schedule that allows them to eat well and get regular sleep. When you have a partner, you’re also more likely to get social support for healthy activities, such as hitting the gym and scheduling your doctor appointments. Spouses also tend to notice changes in behavior and appearance that can impact your health. If you have a mole on your back, your spouse will likely be the one who informs you. Having that outside perspective on your life can be a real lifesaver.

Being with a loved one is rewarding in many ways. When you’re in a happy, healthy marriage, you have a sense of connection and a reason to take better care of yourself. Simply by being your partner, your significant other may just be lengthening your lifespan. Show them some gratitude and protect them with a term life insurance policy.

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