Term Life Insurance for Young Americans

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A recent survey of young Americans (ages 23 to 28) by Charles Schwab shows the majority (52 percent) consider making better choices about managing money the most important issue for Americans today. The group believes this to be more important than strengthening family relationships, improving personal physical fitness and protecting the environment among other things.

18 percent of the young Americans surveyed said their personal financial fitness was “toned and fit,” while 55 percent claimed it to be “a little flabby” and 27 percent “seriously out of shape.”

From a life insurance perspective, term life insurance is arguably the most financially responsible type of coverage for most young Americans in this age group. The low premiums combined with guaranteed rates and the option to convert to a permanent product at some point in the future, make term life insurance a wise choice for this age group.

Also, simplified issue term life insurance is often a perfect fit for young, relatively healthy consumers who want affordable coverage without enduring the process of paper applications, paramedical exams, and underwriting reviews. You can quickly view quotes on our website;  however, we recommend discussing options with one of our licensed representatives who may be able to offer additional quotes not found on the website.

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