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Americans are notoriously impatient. As you begin reading this blog (it will be quick), you might be skimming through it already to see what the point of it is without having to actually read it. As you’re skimming, you’re probably getting impatient because your computer is taking forever to download your latest iTunes album that you need to hurry up and start listening to so you can promptly get bored with it. Everything we do seems to take too long, from standing in line at the grocery store to going through the process of buying term life insurance.

Why are Americans always in such a rush? Psychologically, getting things done faster makes us feel more efficient. Living in today’s world with a seemingly endless list of things to do and less and less time to get them done, it’s easy to see how so many people fall into this frantic lifestyle.

If you are impatient, in a hurry or simply find yourself in need of a little more time, we may be able to help. These tips will speed up the term life insurance application process for you.

Term Life Insurance… Speed it up!

  • Go virtual. Fill out your application online using the Virtual Form option and sign it electronically.
  • Schedule your paramedical exam as quickly as possible. Any delay in this step will slow down underwriting.
  • Skip the exam altogether and apply for a non-medical term life insurance policy.
  • Ask for electronic delivery of your policy once it’s approved and issued.
  • Don’t cut corners by skipping questions on your application. This will only cause a delay when the life insurance company comes back to you later for the answers.
  • Check your e-mail and voice mail frequently. We will contact you as soon as possible if there is missing information or outstanding requirements.

Still not fast enough for you? Consider these options:

  • Non-Medical Term Life Insurance. As the name implies, a paramedical exam is not required. The application is done online or over the phone, and you could be covered in as little as 15 minutes if approved.
  • Accidental Death Benefit Insurance. This type of life insurance covers accidental deaths only (subject to policy specifications). Nearly everyone is approved, no paramedical exam is needed, and there are very few questions to answer on the application.

Phew, you made it through this blog. See, we told you it would be quick. Now, hurry on to the next one!

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