The Price of Procrastination and Life Insurance

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LIMRA International’s life insurance consumer studies have turned up some interesting reasons Americans procrastinate on purchasing life insurance coverage:

  • 86% of underinsured Americans have not purchased life insurance yet because they don’t want to feel pressured to buy.
  • Nearly 50% of underinsured Americans have not purchased life insurance yet because they say no one has approached them about coverage.

Hmmm …. No one wants to feel pressured to buy.  I can appreciate that.  Many people are waiting to be ‘approached’ before they will buy. Well, I’m not buying it (pun intended). There are many convenient, hassle-free ways to purchase life insurance. Running a Google search on the keywords ‘Term Life Insurance’ results in hundreds of choices for purchasing life insurance online.

The better companies on that list employ licensed insurance representatives to help consumers navigate the process. The better websites include valuable information designed to help consumers make appropriate choices.

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