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Bank of America recently announced the release of a new credit card designed for its wealthiest clients. The Bank of America American Express Accolades card is available to those with account balances between $100,000 and $3,000,000. Cardholders may redeem points for things such as luxury vacations, dinner and ticket reservations, and cooking lessons with top chefs. The bank will also match up to a $2,500 annual charitable contribution made by a card holder through point redemption.

Before you run out and apply, you should know the card has an annual fee of $295.00. The bank will waive the fee if you participate in certain premier banking programs.

We should also mention the following companies now accept credit cards for the initial premium on a new life insurance policy; in case you were looking for ideas for your first Accolades purchase:

  • American General Life Insurance Company (AIG)
  • Genworth Life Insurance Company
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
  • ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (ING)
  • Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company

You can protect your family and earn points at the same time. You’ll have Emeril Lagasse on speed dial before you know it!

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