When Life Hands You Lemons…

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When you were a child, did you set up a lemonade stand in the summer to make extra money to buy candy, baseball cards or penny whistles? Even if you didn’t, you might still remember a time when kids could be kids, and lemonade stands were plentiful. Those were the good ole’ days; when you could stay out all day until the street lights came on and Saturday morning cartoons were a treat.

In today’s world, the lemonade stand is nearing the endangered species list. Why is this? Are parents not allowing them anymore? Are kids finding other ways to earn spending money? One reason might be a crackdown by governmental regulators. Yes, that’s right. Many local agencies now require permits and compliance with local health codes. In some states, lemonade stand operators must now have a license or temporary restaurant permit to operate.

The enforcement of such regulations has angered parents across the country. A website was formed in protest and to bring attention to this issue at www.lemonadefreedom.com. ‘National Lemonade Freedom Day’ was held on August 20th. The event even has a Facebook page.

Lemonade stands teach kids about entrepreneurship, money management, social relations, business planning and implementing strategies to carry out a successful business. Even the tiniest of businesses, such as lemonade stands, can teach our youngsters these valuable skills.

Do you think our government has gone too far in regulating childhood traditions such as lemonade stands?


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