Which Life Insurance Company is Best For You?

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Customers will occasionally ask me which life insurance company my policy is with. That’s a fair question, but one I’m not usually inclined to answer. The reason is that the company that I chose may not necessarily be the best company for you.

So what makes a particular company the most compelling choice for you?  It could be any number or combination of factors such as lowest premium, best ratings, most popular, fastest underwriting or fanciest logo (perhaps that last one is a bit of a stretch). Point being, your individual circumstances should dictate the company you choose.

That’s where we come in. Our mission has always been to provide fair, honest and unbiased advice to our customers. We work with customers daily to select the most appropriate life insurance companies. For example, if you tell us you have a family history of cancer, we may recommend ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, as they do not consider this a negative factor in their underwriting. Perhaps you are an occasional cigar smoker. In that case, we may recommend you apply with American General Life Insurance Company, as they allow occasional cigar use (as long as you disclose it on your application and do not test positive for nicotine byproducts).

Our goal in making these recommendations is to help our customers secure the best possible rating class and thus, the lowest possible premium. So while the company you ultimately choose may not have the coolest Super Bowl commercial or a talking/dancing/rapping Gecko, at least you will know your life insurance policy is with the most appropriate company for you. And hopefully, you will have saved some money in the process.

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