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Customer Reviews

We’re blushing. (We can’t make this stuff up.)

Happy Customers

Paul R. – Palo Alto, CA
“I found the QuickQuote website to be user-friendly and the people were very responsive and knowledgeable. I am satisfied that I obtained a term life insurance policy that fits my needs at a reasonable cost.”
Kari S. – Portland, OR
“I was uncomfortable buying term life insurance online at first. But your representative calmed my fears and helped me get a policy for myself and my husband. Without her we may not be covered today!”
Zachary M. – Pittsburgh, PA
“You earned my trust and my business immediately when I didn’t have to give you my email address for a quote. All the others I checked asked for this.”
Carrie C. – Geneva, IL
“I was VERY pleased with all your communication along the way. It was all much easier than I expected due to your assistance with the process.”
Terry P. – Roseville, CA
“Thank you for your outstanding support throughout this process. Great customer service is all too rare, so the experience dealing with you and QuickQuote was a very pleasant surprise. I appreciated the concise, consistent and helpful updates you provided. Your communications enabled me to wait through the process worry-free and with confidence.”
Nancy T. – Centennial, CO
“It took me six months to finally send in my application. Your representative followed up with me periodically but never bothered or pressured me. Thank you for your patience!”
Melanie Q. – Warrensburg, NY
“I do have to say that it goes above and beyond the course of normal customer service to be kept abreast so thoroughly. Your extra mile effort is greatly appreciated.”
Johannes K. – Tucson, AZ
“Love the periodic updates! You guys are a beacon of hope for the insurance industry. Excellent customer service – especially from my Policy Manager.”
Robert O. – Scottsdale, AZ
“I really appreciate how diligently your company persisted to help me get my term life insurance in spite of many obstacles and challenges. Thanks to your representative, I was able to secure that which I was after. She made it happen by being extremely knowledgeable, patient, positive and keeping me encouraged with her timely communication. Simply put, she was great. I am 100% satisfied and am happy to refer QuickQuote to anyone I know.”
Steven V. – Lakeway, TX
“I appreciate the professional way in which QuickQuote handled my application and the entire process – including periodic updates on the status of my application.”
Karen G. – Tampa, FL
“I visited other sites, but they asked that I wait 3 days for quotes. If I wanted that I could have called the insurance companies myself in that time. I appreciated the instant quotes with no hassle. Thank You.”
James B. – Birmingham, AL
“I didn’t want to take a night out of my family life and have a sales representative come to my house. It was a lot easier to go look this up online.”


The Web Magazine
QuickQuote is rated “Top of the Web,” with a content rating of 5 out of 5.
Money Magazine
“For example, surf over to QuickQuote (www.quickquote.com) and you can sift through a database of more than a thousand policies …”
“QuickQuote has a large number of quotes for term life insurance.”
SmartMoney Interactive
“QuickQuote offers a fairly detailed questionnaire and its rates reflect varying, complex health problems.”
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
“QuickQuote allows you to get quotes on the spot.”
New York Times
“QuickQuote has contracted with more than two dozen insurers, offering a total of 1,400 combinations of term life insurance and cranked all the variables into a software program that anyone with a computer and modem can gain access to.”
The Wall Street Journal
“A 35-yr old woman can purchase a 20-yr term life insurance policy with a $250,000 death benefit for about $12.00 a month, according to QuickQuote.com.”
Insurance Network News
“QuickQuote defies conventional Internet logic.”
“Cash Flo suggests you use your computer to shop for a term policy. Begin with the Term Life Estimator from QuickQuote.”

Industry Experts

Andrew Tobias – Parade Magazine Article
“Most people should buy the cheapest renewable term life insurance they can find. A good place to comparison shop is QuickQuote.com.”
Suze Orman – Yahoo! Finance Article
“Now your actual rate is going to depend on a variety of health factors, as well as what is being offered in this increasingly competitive industry. Do some term comparison shopping online at QuickQuote.com.”
David Weisman – Forrester Research in Fortune Magazine
“The wave of the future is new kinds of brokers, like QuickQuote … that carve niches by bringing sellers and buyers together in novel ways.”
Chris M. Craig – Web Coordinator Internet Marketing Association
“Your site has been selected by the Internet Marketing Association for special recognition. Our site has listed yours among our “Hot Sites,” sites which are on the cutting edge of the Web in terms of design quality and marketing savvy.”
Eric Tyson – UC Berkeley in Money Magazine
“My favorite is QuickQuote’s easy-to-use Term Life Estimator.”