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We strive to be your most trusted partner in pursuing the right life insurance

Online Since 1995 . . . And Still Going Strong

We’ve been helping people buy life insurance online for over 23 years. In fact, we launched our first website a full year before Google!

We specialize in life insurance. Period.

No home, auto, health or other insurances here. Our focus since day one has been on life insurance only. We have a feeling you’re going to appreciate that.

An Internet Original

With the launch of our first website in July 1995, QuickQuote was one of the Internet’s original life insurance quoting and purchasing marketplaces.

Many of the nation’s life insurance companies were initially reluctant to allow their products to be sold on this ‘unproven’ commerce platform. We had to convince them to try this new distribution channel; thus paving the way for most of the life insurance websites found on the Internet today.

Being the first of our kind, QuickQuote was designed and developed from scratch … a true original. The company soon blossomed into a consumer’s dream … a simple, painless way to compare and purchase life insurance without the hassles of meeting with an agent.

Meet the Experts

QuickQuote.com’s expert team focuses on ensuring our content and services uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our dedicated team also manages our extensive writing network, which guarantees the information you receive is accurate, evidence-based, current, and trustworthy.

A team of life insurance experts reviews our content, ensuring that existing and new content is accurate so you can make the best decisions about your life insurance.

We strive to be your most trusted partner in pursuing the right life insurance. Our team of experts has evolved over the years as we return to content to ensure it continues to meet our standard of accuracy. Schimri Yoyo (below) had been reviewing content for us, but Benji Carr is our current life insurance expert.

Tim Bain

Tim Bain, Founder & Life Insurance Agent

Tim is a licensed life insurance agent with 23 years of experience helping people protect their families and businesses with term life insurance. He writes and creates stuff for QuickQuote and other insurance and financial websites.

Joel Ohman

Joel Ohman, CEO & CFP®

Joel Ohman is the CEO of a private equity backed digital media company. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, author, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur who loves creating new things, whether books or businesses. He has also previously served as the founder and resident CFP® of a national insurance agency, Real Time Health Quotes. He also has an MBA from the University of South Florida.

Joel has been mentioned in many different online and print publications including AOL.comBusinessInsider.comChicagoTribune.comInc.com, OppLoans, HavenLife, BestCompany, National Christian Foundation to name a few as an insurance expert.

Schimri Yoyo

Schimri Yoyo, Licensed Agent & Financial Advisor

Schimri Yoyo is a financial advisor with active life and health insurance licenses in seven states. Born in Haiti. Reared in Brockton, MA. Matured in Philadelphia. Schimri is a proud graduate of Arcadia University, having earned both a Masters in Special Education and an MFA in Creative Writing from the castle-riddled campus in Glenside, PA. By personality and by profession, Schimri is an educator and a storyteller who is eager to assist individuals and families to craft and complete their own financial success stories.

Schimri has been quoted in publications that include Reviews.com, SophisticatedInvestor.comRocketHQDivorceMag, BestCompany, and SimplyInsurance.

Rachael Brennan

Rachael Brennan, Licensed Insurance Agent

Rachael Brennan has been working in the insurance industry since 2006 when she began working as a licensed insurance representative for 21st Century Insurance, during which time she earned her Property and Casualty license in all 50 states.

After several years she expanded her insurance expertise, earning her license in Health and AD&D insurance as well. She has worked for small health insurance exchanges as well as some of the biggest health insurance companies in the nation, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. After deciding to pursue a writing career several years ago, she has circled back to the insurance industry.

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Professor of Nutrition & Kinesiology

Melissa Morris has a BS and MS in exercise science and a doctorate in educational leadership. She is an ACSM certified exercise physiologist and an ISSN certified sports nutritionist. She teaches nutrition and applied kinesiology at the University of Tampa.

She has been featured on YahooHuffPostEat ThisBulletproofVitacostLIVESTRONGToast FriedThe Trusty SpotterBest CompanyHealthlinePopsugarShe KnowsThrive Global, and Badass Body Project.

D. Gilson, PhD

D. Gilson, PhD, Professor & Published Author

D. Gilson is a writer and author of essays, poetry, and scholarship that explore the relationship between popular culture, literature, sexuality, and memoir. His latest book is Jesus Freak, with Will Stockton, part of Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 Series.

His other books include I Will Say This Exactly One Time and Crush. His first chapbook, Catch & Release, won the 2012 Robin Becker Prize from Seven Kitchens. His second chapbook, Brit Lit, a series of poems on Saint Britney Spears, is available from Sibling Rivalry Press. D. is the editor of Lunch and lives in the Missouri Ozarks.

Laura D. Adams

Laura D. Adams, Insurance & Finance Analyst

Laura Adams is one of the nation’s leading finance, insurance, and small business authorities. As an award-winning author, spokesperson, and host of the top-rated Money Girl podcast since 2008, millions of readers, listeners, and loyal fans benefit from her practical advice.

As a professional accountant and financial analyst for several companies, Laura is a trusted source on various finance topics for TV, radio, online articles, and print publications. She’s been featured on most major news outlets, including ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, Consumer Reports, Forbes, Fortune, FOX, Money, MSN, NBC, NPR, NY Times, USA Today, US News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and more.

Her mission is to empower consumers to live healthy and rich lives by making the most of what they have, planning for the future, and making smart money decisions every day. She received an MBA from the University of Florida and lives in Vero Beach, Florida.

Ashley Dannelly

Ashley Dannelly, Certified Personal Trainer

Ashley Dannelly has a Master of Arts in English and teaches English at Columbia International University and other higher education institutions. She is also a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise and trains clients in both individual and group settings.

Ashley’s background in English and fitness has allowed her the opportunity to write and create content for many different publications, such as Shout! Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine, The Greenville News, NewSpring Church Media, and more.

If she isn’t teaching English or training clients, you can find Ashley writing, lifting weights, or playing with her kids.

Benji Carr

Benji Carr, Former Licensed Life Insurance Agent

Benjamin Carr was a licensed insurance agent in Georgia and has two years’ experience in life, health, property and casualty coverage. He has worked with State Farm and other risk management firms. He is also a strategic writer and editor with a background in branding, marketing, and quality assurance. He has been in military newsrooms — literally on the frontline of journalism.

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson, Published Insurance Expert

Melanie Musson is the fourth generation in her family to work in the insurance industry. She grew up with insurance talk as part of her everyday conversation and has studied to gain an in-depth knowledge of state-specific car insurance laws and dynamics as well as a broad understanding of how insurance fits into every person’s life, from budgets to coverage levels. She also specializes in sustainability, automation technology, and vehicle safety.

Her industry expertise has been featured by The Penny Hoarder, in an e-book by Best Companies, by ForbesYahoo!The New YorkerOprahFox Business, U.S. News, and Dollarsprout.

Maria Hanson

Maria Hanson, Insurance and Finance Expert

Maria Hanson grew up with a unique passion and understanding of both the automotive and insurance industries. With one grandfather in auto mechanics and another working in insurance, you could say automotive insurance is in her blood. Her love of research and finance serves her well in studying insurance trends and liability.

Maria has expanded her scope of expertise to home, health, and life insurance. She consults on home maintenance, property improvement, and health care. In her spare time, she travels, camps, gardens, and volunteers in her community.

AJ Julien

AJ Julien, Insurance Expert

Ayanna Julien is a managing editor for QuickQuote. She is a writer, editor, researcher, and passionate consumer advocate who loves sharing tips and hacks to improve lives. She previously served as the content editor for an international media company, which published content about insurance, among other business and financial topics. She also has a Doctorate of Business Administration from Argosy University – Chicago.

Ayanna has been featured in online and print publications, including Improve Her Health, PR DailyUpJourney, and EmployeeChannel, to name a few as an insurance expert.

Luke Fitzpatrick

Luke Fitzpatrick, Insurance Expert

Luke Fitzpatrick covers blockchain trends on Forbes. He has been published in Yahoo! NewsInfluencive and Tech In Asia. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney, lecturing in Cross-Cultural Management and the Pre-MBA Program.

Chris Tepedino

Chris Tepedino, Feature Writer

Chris Tepedino is a feature writer that has written extensively about auto insurance for numerous websites. He has a college degree in communication from the University of Tennessee and has experience reporting, researching investigative pieces, and crafting detailed, data-driven features.

His works have been featured on CB Blog Nation, Flow Words, Healing Law, WIBW Kansas, and Cinncinati.com. He has been a contributor to The Penny Hoarder, UpJourney, and Translate by Humans.

The Final Frontier

Shortly after the launch of our first website, the press began to notice the company and endorse the online life insurance concept. This exposure helped get the business moving and growing.

On September 6, 1996, the New York Times featured QuickQuote and one of its customers on the front page of its ‘Money & Business’ Section. The Times stated, ‘So far, the number of Internet shoppers is small, probably no more than a few thousand. But relatively young people, who are already comfortable with the Internet as a resource for information or retail sales, are starting to turn to it for life insurance needs as well.’

In December 1996, Fortune magazine also featured QuickQuote in one of that publication’s earliest articles on the Internet, titled ‘The Birth of Digital Commerce.’ The article stated, ‘The wave of the future is new kinds of brokers like QuickQuote, that carve niches by bringing sellers and buyers together in novel ways.’ QuickQuote was in good company with other websites Fortune noted as pioneers in their respective industries, including Amazon.com, Auto-by-Tel and Onsale.

Press Box

23 Years Online
31,200 Families Protected
$15.6B Dollars in Coverage
20 Insurance Companies

For Our Media Friends

Our team loves partnering with media members to craft engaging stories with compelling visuals, data, and expert information.

If you’re a media member and would like to talk, please contact us. We’ll respond in a time sensitive manner so that you can meet your publication deadlines.

Consumer-focused Innovation

Since 1995, publications such as Money, Parents, Kiplinger’s, Business Week, Smart Money, Parade, and The Web magazines have cited QuickQuote for its consumer-oriented approach to life insurance distribution. In fact, the consumer has always been the focus of QuickQuote’s efforts.

In 1996, while other life insurance websites were directing potential customers to ‘give them a call’ in order to obtain quotes, our website was allowing customers to generate their own quotes online. Life insurance agents throughout the country were turning to our website to generate quotes for their customers!

In 1997, we added technology to our website quoting systems to provide ‘customized’ rates based on the customer’s age, height, weight, tobacco use, health conditions and background. Our development of this technology allowed customers to see life insurance quotes for which they could actually qualify.

In 1999, the company released its first major website redesign. We added more life insurance companies, different types of life and health insurance products, an audio library of insurance educational material, automatic e-mail notices to applicants regarding the underwriting process and a higher level of quoting stability from our life quoting system.

Editorial Integrity

We expect all writers and editors at QuickQuote.com to comply with these guidelines when creating content. Writers are responsible for the accuracy of their work. Confirming information and double-checking facts are of the utmost importance.

Our writing and editorial team will not accept any payment of any kind in exchange for positive content or reviews of a company or vehicle. We write what we know. We take pride in creating honest content.

Our team has over 60 years of experience in the insurance industry. There will be information we don’t know or is up for debate, and we will be open about that.

As our goal is to produce consistent, professional content, our writing team takes care to use fair language in all of our work.

Read Our Complete Editorial Guidelines

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