We Shop for You

Shopping for term life insurance can be fun (said no one, ever).

We get it. Shopping for term life insurance is not at the top of your “fun things to do today” list. It’s likely not anywhere on that list at all, let alone the top of it.

And chances are good it’s something you’ve put off for a while because, well, it’s just a drag. (It’s okay, most people avoid it as long as they can.)

But today, you’re luck has changed. Because we’re here to do the shopping for you. Go ahead and do a short happy dance — we’ll wait.

We work with about twenty of the nation’s best term life insurance companies. And with over 21 years experience selling term life insurance online, we have a pretty good process for helping you find the best deal. Here’s how we do it:

  1. First, we’ll collect some information from you such as age, gender, medical history, family history, etc. All the while keeping your info private.
  2. Then we’ll put that information through our quoting and underwriting systems to find the best match. Most of this is done online while you wait (don’t worry, it’s quick).
  3. If we learn that you have circumstances that require additional shopping, we’ll contact our partner life insurance companies on your behalf and ask them to review your info and provide ‘tentative quotes.’ A tentative quote is just a ballpark rate the company might give you and is subject to full underwriting.
  4. Together, we’ll review these tentative quotes and choose the best company to apply with.


After you apply and we receive the company’s decision, we can shop the rate again if you don’t like the approval. It’s usually a bit faster at this point since we have an actual offer we can compare. And in most cases, we can help you reapply without having to take another medical exam (if one is required).

The best part of having us shop for you is you don’t have to deal with multiple life insurance agents or companies. We handle it all.

So go ahead and get started with a term life quote. Then kick back and enjoy all of that free time you now have. Maybe you can even spend some of it shopping for fun stuff.