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Accidents will happen. Many are preventable, but they will happen nonetheless.

In 2009, 93 people on average were killed daily in automobile related accidents on U.S. highways and roads. In total, 33,963 people lost their lives in auto accidents last year. The good news is that number was an 8.85% decrease over the previous year. In fact, the total number of vehicle accident related deaths has decreased 33.5% since 1979 (51,093).

But automobile accidents are obviously not the only kind of fatal accidents we have to be concerned with. In 2008, an estimated 118,000 unintentional deaths occurred in the U.S. According to the National Safety Council, the chance of a fatal accident happening to you is 1 in 1,700.

And that’s where Accidental Death Benefit life insurance coverage comes in. Accidental Death is designed to protect you and your family from an accident-related death only. This type of life insurance does not provide a death benefit for¬†death resulting from natural causes. Therefore, it is easy to qualify for and less expensive than regular term life insurance. In fact, there are no medical questions included on the application, and most applications are approved within 24 hours.

Check out these sample premiums for Accidental Death from Fidelity Life Association.

Coverage AmountMale Age 20-65Female Age 20-65


Accidental Death Benefit life insurance can be a good fit for the following individuals.

  • Those with major medical issues that disqualify them from getting regular term life insurance.
  • Those paying a high premium for regular term life insurance due to minor medical issues.
  • Those with regular term life insurance looking for additional coverage for accidental death.

Coverage under Accidental Death policies can be extended to family members as well. Additional benefits include Auto Safety and Travel Accident Benefits, included at no extra cost.

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