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3 Reasons you Should Take a Life Insurance Exam

Some life insurance policies don’t require a medical exam. They can be a great deal for some, but others may benefit more if they take a life insurance exam.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Fast Term Life Insurance

We all expect things to happen quickly online. And buying life insurance is no different. These three easy tips are your ticket to fast term life insurance.

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5 Reasons you Won’t Qualify for No Exam Life Insurance

No exam life insurance offers a faster, easier process than regular term life. No wonder everyone wants it. But will you qualify? Not with these five gotchas.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Making Breast Cancer Detection Easier

Mammograms play a critical role in early detection of breast cancer. And advances in artificial intelligence are helping to improve this valuable screening.

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How New AHA Guidelines on Blood Pressure Could Affect Your Term Life Insurance Cost

New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Affect Your Term Life Insurance Cost

The American Heart Association has new guidelines on high blood pressure. The tougher standards could mean you’ll pay more for term life insurance.

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Get Moving to Save on Term Life Insurance

Get Moving to Save on Term Life Insurance

Excessive sitting has been dubbed the new smoking. Meaning, if you sit too much, your health will suffer and you may pay more for term life insurance as well.

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