Unusual Ways to Die: Oh the Irony

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We try to lead interesting lives. Some of us achieve this with interesting deaths. Below are some unfortunate folks who kicked the bucket in unusual ways.

Death by Beard

Austrian Hans Steininger was famous for having the world’s longest beard. The beard was 4.5 feet, and Steininger took great pride in it. One day in 1567, there was a fire in town. In his hurry to escape Steininger forgot to roll up his beard. He stepped on the excess facial hair, lost balance and broke his neck. Unkempt hair could be the death of you.

Death by Demonstration

Clement Vallandigham was a highly successful American lawyer who rarely lost a case. In 1820 he represented a defendant in a murder case for killing a man in a barroom brawl. Vallandigham attempted to prove the victim had, in fact, killed himself. His argument was that his gun must have gone off when he stood up from a kneeling position while trying to draw his gun. Vallandigham reenacted this scenario in court and ended up killing himself in the process. His death certainly proved a point, and the defendant was released.

Death by Talk Show

Jerome Irving Rodale, founder of Organic Farming and Gardening magazine and Rodale Press, was a huge advocate for organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating. Rodale was interviewed on the Dick Cavett Show in 1971 about his eating beliefs when he bragged, “I’m going to live to be 100 years old unless I’m run down by a sugar-crazy taxi driver.” Later on, in the show, Rodale appeared to be fast asleep when the host joked, “Are we boring you?” Rodale died of a heart attack, and the show was never aired.

Death by Pool Party

In 1985 the lifeguards of the New Orleans Recreation threw a party to celebrate their first drowning-free season ever. After the party was over and the crowd had cleared, a 31-year-old Jerome Moody was found dead on the bottom of the recreation department’s pool.  More than half of the 200 guests were lifeguards. Four lifeguards were on duty at the time.

While these deaths are intriguing, not all of us have our lives taken by literary techniques. Whether you trip on your prized beard or check out from old age, it is important to protect your loved ones with a term life insurance policy. Let your insurance broker know If you are prone to ironic accidents and they will help find an insurance company that best fits your needs.

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