The Term Life Insurance Quote Process

There are thousands of websites offering term life insurance quotes. Fortunately, you've found the right one.

The Quote Questionnaire

Getting a term life insurance quote is easy. As it should be.

The first thing you’ll notice on our Quote Questionnaire is we do not ask for any personal contact information on the form. That’s right - you remain completely anonymous when you get a quote. And that’s why we call them “free.” Because we ask for nothing in return.

Our purpose has always been to allow you to view as many quotes as you want without any pressure to purchase a policy from us. We figure, if you like what you see and you trust us to help, you’ll choose us when you’re ready to apply. It’s that simple.

And remember, our licensed Insurance Professionals are available to assist you with obtaining quotes if you would like the help.

Step 1: Applicant Information

An example of applicant information fields.

State of Residence: Some life insurance companies do not offer policies in all states. We need to know where you live so we can show you quotes for policies that are available in your state.

Gender: Women pay less than men do for life insurance. Sorry, guys. So, we need to know which one you are.

Date of Birth: Your age is a key factor in determining your term life insurance cost. We need your date of birth so we can accurately calculate your age and give you the best quotes.

Height and Weight: Your height and weight are used to determine your rating class. Height/weight requirements vary by the life insurance company, so you may get a Preferred rate quote from one company and a Standard rate quote from another.

Step 2: Insurance Information

The next set of questions tell us what type of term life policy you want. You can change your responses to see quotes for different amounts, term lengths, rating classes and payment modes.

An example of quote specific information fields.

Tobacco Use: This is another important factor in determining your rating class. Please select the correct time frame for your last tobacco/nicotine use (this includes nicotine patches, gum, etc.). Tobacco/Nicotine use guidelines vary by life insurance company, so you may get a Non-Tobacco rate quote from one company and a Tobacco rate quote from another.

Your Health: Your health plays the biggest role in determining the cost of your term life insurance policy. The four options listed here will allow us to provide quotes for the most appropriate rating class available.

Clicking on "?" will open a chart with guidelines to help you make your selection. Please contact us if you are unsure of your selection or if you have serious medical conditions that could impact your rating class.

Coverage Amount: This is the amount of term life insurance coverage you want quotes for. Clicking on “?” will open our Term Life Insurance Needs Estimator. This handy tool can help you figure out how much life insurance you need.

Coverage Length: Term life provides protection for a specified period of time, or the "term". You can buy a term life policy for terms of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Payment Mode: The mode is how often you will make payments for your policy. Available options are annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly. Annual is the least expensive option.

The Quote Display

Here’s where all the magic happens. We present you with your free term life quotes.

Section 1: Quote Summary and Modification Tools

You have the ability to modify your quote right here. No back button required.

Update Quote: This area allows you to change the payment mode, coverage amount and length of coverage (the term). You can then display your new quotes without having to go back to the Quote Questionnaire.

Quote Details: Here we show detailed information about your quote including the quote date, coverage amount, term length and other information you provided on the Quote Questionnaire.

This area also lists the quote number assigned to your quote. If you have questions regarding your term life insurance quote, you may call with your quote number and we can load it into our system and view it with you.

Additional Tools: Here you will find several helpful tools such as Email Quote, Print Quote, Life Insurance FAQ and several life insurance calculators.

Section 2: Term Life Insurance Quote Display

The second section of the Quote Display page is the quote table. This is what you came here for! You’ll find the list of life insurance companies, quoted premiums, rating classes, company ratings and more.

The quote display table. Find your favorite.

Company: This column displays the insurance company logo and the name of the policy.

Premium: This column displays the actual cost. At the top you’ll see the payment mode you selected. Below each quote you’ll see options for other coverage amounts. All term life insurance quotes displayed are ordered by premium from least expensive to most expensive.

Options: If you click the quote you’ll see options for all four payment modes available; annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly. It’s a quick way to compare the different payment mode costs without retrieving a new quote.

Rating Class: This shows the rating class associated with the quote. Since companies have different criteria for rating classes, the values in this column may vary. The rating class you see is driven in part by the information you provided on the Quote Questionnaire.

Company Ratings: We provide company ratings from two of the industry's most recognized rating agencies, AM Best and Standard & Poor's. These ratings represent a company's financial strength, claims paying ability and other factors. Click the company rating and you’ll see more rating information for that life insurance company.

Actions: The last column contains two buttons: one to begin the application process and another to view more company details.

  • Details. Here is where you can find specific details about the life insurance company and the product they offer. You’ll also find a company brochure on this page.
  • Apply. Click here when you’re ready to start the application process.

Section 3: Quote Disclaimers

The last section of the term life insurance Quote Display page lists all required legal information, general disclaimers and company specific disclaimers -- the fun stuff.

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