3 Tips For Choosing a Term Life Insurance Website

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Shopping for and buying term life insurance online is so easy that — well, it’s not always easy. There are many websites that offer quotes and allow you to begin an application online or by telephone. A simple web search will yield dozens of decent results. And that’s exactly what makes is difficult at the same time. With so many websites to choose from, it can be frustrating trying to decide where in the world to begin.

So what’s a term life insurance shopper to do? Well, as we’ve often preached, it’s important to find a company you believe you can trust. A company that will look out for your best interests. Here are three things you should look for right away:

1. A Quality Website

Does the website have a modern look with current and updated information? Does it appear as though someone maintains the site? Do you feel comfortable inputting your information? If not, move on. You’re sure to find something better.

2. Visible Contact Information

No offense, but you’re likely not an expert on term life insurance. You may have questions about the different types, the amount of coverage or any other number of concerns. Can you easily find a toll-free telephone number to call? What about an email address? A live-chat feature is also a great indicator of the website’s value. Is anyone there to help you?

3. Your Contact Information

Does the site ask for this? If so, ask yourself why. Do they need your name, telephone number and email address to give you a ‘free’ quote? What will they do with the information? Will they sell it? Many websites collect this information to market to you or to sell to other life insurance agents as leads. Do yourself a favor and take a pass on these websites. Find one that gives you a genuinely free quote, without asking for your personal information in return.

So we’ve written about all of these things in past blog posts. And now, we’ve gone a step further and put together a video so you can both ‘see and hear’ the difference a good, reputable term life insurance website can make.

Enjoy — and oh, please do let us know what you think of our latest creation! After all, we made it just for you. Happy Holidays!

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