5 Exciting QuickQuote Changes for 2010

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Happy New Year!

Okay, I’m a few days late .. but we are all excited here at QuickQuote about the great things we are doing in 2010. Here’s a countdown of five changes you’ll see:

5.  New Life Insurance Companies

We plan to add three new life insurance companies to our marketplace in 2010. While we continuously review our marketplace and consider new companies, we do not add many companies at once. We firmly believe in providing the best companies for our customers and quality trumps quantity every time. That being said, the three companies we are considering are all worthy of inclusion and should contribute greatly to the quality of our marketplace.

4.  Addition of Mortgage Life Insurance

Our partnership with RBC/Liberty Life Insurance Company brings this product to QuickQuote. Mortgage life insurance has been around in various forms for years. So while not new to the life insurance world in general, it is a new product for us and we are anxious to make it available.

3.  Expanded Non-Medical Term Life Insurance

This product continues it’s incredible popularity and growth into 2010. As a result, we will enhance our offering to include Fidelity Life.

2.  More e-Signature Capabilities

We’ve already added new e-Signature options for 2010 and are excited about making the announcement. Look for more in a not-too-distant blog and press release.


This is the biggie for 2010. Our new site offers streamlined navigation, enriched content and enhanced functionality. We’ve worked hard to incorporate new technologies and products while maintaining our world-class ease of use and customer service options. We believe the new website will be fantastic and we hope you will all agree!

Stay tuned…

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