QuickQuote Releases it's New Life Insurance Blog

QuickQuote Releases New Blog

Welcome to the inaugural entry of the newly released QuickQuote Blog!

Our primary purpose is to help you learn more about life insurance (and other types of insurance, too); from the basic principles to the subtle nuances. We intend to use blog entries to keep you posted on industry happenings as well as QuickQuote news. The articles section will provide more in-depth discussions of insurance principals and application processes.

Customer feedback has helped shape QuickQuote over the past several years. We value your feedback, and the addition of an interactive feature to this blog will provide another way for you to tell us how we are doing. Good or bad,¬†we want to hear it. Have questions about blogs or articles? Ask them, and we’ll answer. Look for the interactive feature to appear soon.

Finally, we hope this blog will be somewhat entertaining; which is a tall order considering the core subject matter is insurance. We will strive to keep it light and mix in non-insurance takes from time to time.

Thank you for spending time visiting our new QuickQuote Blog. We hope it will prove to be a valuable resource for you.

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