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Term Life Insurance for Diabetics

by Laura Levin on November 11, 2011

How to Get Term Life Insurance: DiabetesApproximately 8.3% of the U.S. population has some form of diabetes, making the disease one of the most prevalent health concerns in the country. The good news is that diabetics can get term life insurance from a good, reputable life insurance company. The approval, rating class and premium cost will depend on several factors.

Life insurance companies want to see applicants that have their diabetes under control and have a history of regular visits to their doctor. Other factors the company will consider are:

  • Your age at diagnosis
  • The specific type of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, etc.)
  • How long you’ve had diabetes
  • Control factors such as glucose levels, A1C levels, etc.
  • Any complications that exist
  • Any other medical condition you may have


Our new article, How to Get Term Life Insurance When You Have Diabetes, provides in more detail how life insurance companies evaluate applicants with diabetes. In addition, you’ll find incredibly valuable information about:

  • The main types of diabetes
  • Current diabetes statistics
  • How to prepare for your term life insurance application
  • Lessons we’ve learned from helping other diabetics apply for term life insurance
  • Examples from real customers showing the outcomes of their applications


If you are a diabetic, we’d like to hear about your experience applying for term life insurance. If you are just now beginning the process, we recommend you discuss your unique situation with your life insurance agent. Let him or her help you find the best term life insurance company for you!


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Laura is the Social Media Manager and a Writer at QuickQuote Financial. She has extensive experience writing insurance, health and lifestyle related articles for various websites.

Laura LevinTerm Life Insurance for Diabetics