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If you’ve recently had an accident that left you disabled, you may fear you have become uninsurable, leaving your loved ones unprotected in the event of your death. Luckily, there are several types of term life insurance available, and you should be able to find the right one for you. Below are several suggestions to help improve your chances of qualifying for term life insurance.

Make Yourself Insurable

Outside of your disability, there are other reasons it may be tough to get life insurance. Quitting smoking, dropping unnecessary medications and losing a few pounds are just a few factors that you can control to improve your insurability. Be prepared for the physical examination portion of your eligibility process.  Some companies consider you a non-smoker after five years, while others only require three.  Being familiar with these details can help you choose exactly when the best time is for you to apply.

Shop Around

Competition between life insurance companies has increased in recent years, and there’s an excellent chance you will find someone willing to work with you if you explore all available options. Start with a free quote and compare companies and their rates.

Check Your Group Eligibility

Group eligibility standards for term life insurance are very different from individual ones.  If you don’t qualify for an individual policy, there’s a good chance you will for a group one.  Most employers offer these plans, but if that’s not available, check with your credit union, social or professional associations, or through support groups for your disability.

No-Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

There are life insurance companies that offer policies without requiring a paramed examination. If traditional life insurance companies decline coverage, you may want to consider finding a more risk-tolerant insurance provider. Non-medical exam policies are likely to be more expensive, but they are better than having no coverage at all.

Don’t let your disability stop keep you from protecting your family. Being disabled certainly changes if and how you’ll qualify for term life insurance, but it shouldn’t discourage you from investigating. Talk to a licensed life insurance agent who can help find the best life insurance company for you.

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